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DecompMethod Enumeration
cvInvert method

Namespace:  Emgu.CV.CvEnum
Assembly:  Emgu.CV.World (in Emgu.CV.World.dll) Version: (
public enum DecompMethod
  Member nameValueDescription
LU0 Gaussian elimination with optimal pivot element chose In case of LU method the function returns src1 determinant (src1 must be square). If it is 0, the matrix is not inverted and src2 is filled with zeros.
Svd1 Singular value decomposition (SVD) method In case of SVD methods the function returns the inversed condition number of src1 (ratio of the smallest singular value to the largest singular value) and 0 if src1 is all zeros. The SVD methods calculate a pseudo-inverse matrix if src1 is singular
Eig2 Eig
Cholesky3 method for a symmetric positively-defined matrix
QR4 QR decomposition
Normal16 Normal
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