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ANN_MLP Properties

The ANN_MLP type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAnnealCoolingRatio
ANNEAL: Update cooling ratio.
Public propertyAnnealFinalT
ANNEAL: Update final temperature.
Public propertyAnnealInitialT
ANNEAL: Update initial temperature.
Public propertyAnnealItePerStep
ANNEAL: Update iteration per step.
Public propertyBackpropMomentumScale
BPROP: Strength of the momentum term (the difference between weights on the 2 previous iterations)
Public propertyBackpropWeightScale
BPROP: Strength of the weight gradient term
Public propertyPtr
Pointer to the unmanaged object
(Inherited from UnmanagedObject.)
Public propertyRpropDW0
RPROP: Initial value Delta_0 of update-values Delta_{ij}
Public propertyRpropDWMax
RPROP: Update-values upper limit
Public propertyRpropDWMin
RPROP: Update-values lower limit
Public propertyRpropDWMinus
RPROP: Decrease factor
Public propertyRpropDWPlus
RPROP: Increase factor
Public propertyTermCriteria
Termination criteria of the training algorithm
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