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Emgu.CV.Stitching Namespace
Image stitching
Public classBlender
Blender for Image Stitching
Public classCompressedRectilinearWarper
Compressed rectilinear warper
Public classFeatherBlender
Simple blender which mixes images at its borders.
Public classFisheyeWarper
Fisheye Warper
Public classMercatorWarper
Mercator warper
Public classMultiBandBlender
Blender which uses multi-band blending algorithm
Public classPaniniPortraitWarper
Panini portrait warper
Public classPaniniWarper
Panini warper
Public classPlaneWarper
Warper that maps an image onto the z = 1 plane.
Public classSphericalWarper
Warper that maps an image onto the unit sphere located at the origin.
Public classStereographicWarper
Stereographic Warper
Public classStitcher
Image Stitching.
Public classStitchingInvoke
Entry points to the Open CV Stitching module.
Public classTransverseMercatorWarper
Transverse mercator warper
Public classWarperCreator
Finds features in the given image.