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CvArrayTDepth Properties

The CvArrayTDepth generic type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBytes
Get or Set an Array of bytes that represent the data in this array
Public propertyCols
The number of cols for this array
Public propertyHeight
Get the height (Rows) of the cvArray. If ROI is set, the height of the ROI
Public propertyManagedArray
Get the underneath managed array
Public propertyMat
Get the Mat header that represent this CvArr
Public propertyNorm
The norm of this Array
Public propertyNumberOfChannels
Get the number of channels of the array
Public propertyPtr
The pointer to the internal structure
Public propertyRows
The number of rows for this array
Public propertySerializationCompressionRatio
Get or set the Compression Ratio for serialization. A number between 0 - 9. 0 means no compression at all, while 9 means best compression
Public propertySize
Get the size of the array
Public propertyStatic memberSizeOfElement
Get the size of element in bytes
Public propertyTrace
Sum of diagonal elements of the matrix
Public propertyWidth
Get the width (Cols) of the cvArray. If ROI is set, the width of the ROI
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