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FileStorage Constructor
Initializes a new instance of the FileStorage class.

Namespace:  Emgu.CV
Assembly:  Emgu.CV.World (in Emgu.CV.World.dll) Version: (
public FileStorage(
	string source,
	FileStorageMode flags,
	string encoding = null


Type: SystemString
Name of the file to open or the text string to read the data from. Extension of the file (.xml or .yml/.yaml) determines its format (XML or YAML respectively). Also you can append .gz to work with compressed files, for example myHugeMatrix.xml.gz. If both FileStorage::WRITE and FileStorage::MEMORY flags are specified, source is used just to specify the output file format (e.g. mydata.xml, .yml etc.).
Type: Emgu.CVFileStorageMode
Mode of operation.
encoding (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Encoding of the file. Note that UTF-16 XML encoding is not supported currently and you should use 8-bit encoding instead of it.
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