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VideoCaptureAPI Enumeration
VideoCapture API backends identifier.

Namespace:  Emgu.CV
Assembly:  Emgu.CV.World (in Emgu.CV.World.dll) Version: (
public enum API
  Member nameValueDescription
Any0 Auto detect
Vfw200 Video For Windows (obsolete, removed)
V4L200 V4L/V4L2 capturing support
V4L2200 Same as CAP_V4L
Firewire300 IEEE 1394 drivers
IEEE1394300 IEEE 1394 drivers
DC1394300 IEEE 1394 drivers
CMU1394300 IEEE 1394 drivers
QT500 QuickTime (obsolete, removed)
Unicap600 Unicap drivers (obsolete, removed)
DShow700 DirectShow (via videoInput)
Pvapi800 PvAPI, Prosilica GigE SDK
OpenNI900 OpenNI (for Kinect)
OpenNIAsus910 OpenNI (for Asus Xtion)
Android1000 Android - not used
XiApi1100 XIMEA Camera API
AVFoundation1200 AVFoundation framework for iOS (OS X Lion will have the same API)
Giganetix1300 Smartek Giganetix GigEVisionSDK
Msmf1400 Microsoft Media Foundation (via videoInput)
Winrt1410 Microsoft Windows Runtime using Media Foundation
IntelPerc1500 Intel Perceptual Computing SDK
Openni21600 OpenNI2 (for Kinect)
Openni2Asus1610 OpenNI2 (for Asus Xtion and Occipital Structure sensors)
Gphoto21700 gPhoto2 connection
Gstreamer1800 GStreamer
Ffmpeg1900 Open and record video file or stream using the FFMPEG library
Images2000 OpenCV Image Sequence (e.g. img_%02d.jpg)
Aravis2100 Aravis SDK
OpencvMjpeg2200 Built-in OpenCV MotionJPEG codec
IntelMfx2300 Intel MediaSDK
Xine2400 XINE engine (Linux)
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