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ColorConversion Enumeration
Color Conversion code

Namespace:  Emgu.CV.CvEnum
Assembly:  Emgu.CV.World (in Emgu.CV.World.dll) Version: (
public enum ColorConversion
  Member nameValueDescription
Bgr2Bgra0 Convert BGR color to BGRA color
Rgb2Rgba0 Convert RGB color to RGBA color
Bgra2Bgr1 Convert BGRA color to BGR color
Rgba2Rgb1 Convert RGBA color to RGB color
Bgr2Rgba2 Convert BGR color to RGBA color
Rgb2Bgra2 Convert RGB color to BGRA color
Rgba2Bgr3 Convert RGBA color to BGR color
Bgra2Rgb3 Convert BGRA color to RGB color
Bgr2Rgb4 Convert BGR color to RGB color
Rgb2Bgr4 Convert RGB color to BGR color
Bgra2Rgba5 Convert BGRA color to RGBA color
Rgba2Bgra5 Convert RGBA color to BGRA color
Bgr2Gray6 Convert BGR color to GRAY color
Rgb2Gray7 Convert RGB color to GRAY color
Gray2Bgr8 Convert GRAY color to BGR color
Gray2Rgb8 Convert GRAY color to RGB color
Gray2Bgra9 Convert GRAY color to BGRA color
Gray2Rgba9 Convert GRAY color to RGBA color
Bgra2Gray10 Convert BGRA color to GRAY color
Rgba2Gray11 Convert RGBA color to GRAY color
Bgr2Bgr56512 Convert BGR color to BGR565 color
Rgb2Bgr56513 Convert RGB color to BGR565 color
Bgr5652Bgr14 Convert BGR565 color to BGR color
Bgr5652Rgb15 Convert BGR565 color to RGB color
Bgra2Bgr56516 Convert BGRA color to BGR565 color
Rgba2Bgr56517 Convert RGBA color to BGR565 color
Bgr5652Bgra18 Convert BGR565 color to BGRA color
Bgr5652Rgba19 Convert BGR565 color to RGBA color
Gray2Bgr56520 Convert GRAY color to BGR565 color
Bgr5652Gray21 Convert BGR565 color to GRAY color
Bgr2Bgr55522 Convert BGR color to BGR555 color
Rgb2Bgr55523 Convert RGB color to BGR555 color
Bgr5552Bgr24 Convert BGR555 color to BGR color
Bgr5552Rgb25 Convert BGR555 color to RGB color
Bgra2Bgr55526 Convert BGRA color to BGR555 color
Rgba2Bgr55527 Convert RGBA color to BGR555 color
Bgr5552Bgra28 Convert BGR555 color to BGRA color
Bgr5552Rgba29 Convert BGR555 color to RGBA color
Gray2Bgr55530 Convert GRAY color to BGR555 color
Bgr5552Gray31 Convert BGR555 color to GRAY color
Bgr2Xyz32 Convert BGR color to XYZ color
Rgb2Xyz33 Convert RGB color to XYZ color
Xyz2Bgr34 Convert XYZ color to BGR color
Xyz2Rgb35 Convert XYZ color to RGB color
Bgr2YCrCb36 Convert BGR color to YCrCb color
Rgb2YCrCb37 Convert RGB color to YCrCb color
YCrCb2Bgr38 Convert YCrCb color to BGR color
YCrCb2Rgb39 Convert YCrCb color to RGB color
Bgr2Hsv40 Convert BGR color to HSV color
Rgb2Hsv41 Convert RGB colot to HSV color
Bgr2Lab44 Convert BGR color to Lab color
Rgb2Lab45 Convert RGB color to Lab color
BayerBg2Bgr46 Convert BayerBG color to BGR color
BayerGb2Bgr47 Convert BayerGB color to BGR color
BayerRg2Bgr48 Convert BayerRG color to BGR color
BayerGr2Bgr49 Convert BayerGR color to BGR color
BayerBg2Rgb48 Convert BayerBG color to BGR color
BayerGb2Rgb49 Convert BayerRG color to BGR color
BayerRg2Rgb46 Convert BayerRG color to RGB color
BayerGr2Rgb47 Convert BayerGR color to RGB color
Bgr2Luv50 Convert BGR color to Luv color
Rgb2Luv51 Convert RGB color to Luv color
Bgr2Hls52 Convert BGR color to HLS color
Rgb2Hls53 Convert RGB color to HLS color
Hsv2Bgr54 Convert HSV color to BGR color
Hsv2Rgb55 Convert HSV color to RGB color
Lab2Bgr56 Convert Lab color to BGR color
Lab2Rgb57 Convert Lab color to RGB color
Luv2Bgr58 Convert Luv color to BGR color
Luv2Rgb59 Convert Luv color to RGB color
Hls2Bgr60 Convert HLS color to BGR color
Hls2Rgb61 Convert HLS color to RGB color
BayerBg2BgrVng62 Convert BayerBG pattern to BGR color using VNG
BayerGb2BgrVng63 Convert BayerGB pattern to BGR color using VNG
BayerRg2BgrVng64 Convert BayerRG pattern to BGR color using VNG
BayerGr2BgrVng65 Convert BayerGR pattern to BGR color using VNG
BayerBg2RgbVng64 Convert BayerBG pattern to RGB color using VNG
BayerGb2RgbVng65 Convert BayerGB pattern to RGB color using VNG
BayerRg2RgbVng62 Convert BayerRG pattern to RGB color using VNG
BayerGr2RgbVng63 Convert BayerGR pattern to RGB color using VNG
Bgr2HsvFull66 Convert BGR to HSV
Rgb2HsvFull67 Convert RGB to HSV
Bgr2HlsFull68 Convert BGR to HLS
Rgb2HlsFull69 Convert RGB to HLS
Hsv2BgrFull70 Convert HSV color to BGR color
Hsv2RgbFull71 Convert HSV color to RGB color
Hls2BgrFull72 Convert HLS color to BGR color
Hls2RgbFull73 Convert HLS color to RGB color
Lbgr2Lab74 Convert sBGR color to Lab color
Lrgb2Lab75 Convert sRGB color to Lab color
Lbgr2Luv76 Convert sBGR color to Luv color
Lrgb2Luv77 Convert sRGB color to Luv color
Lab2Lbgr78 Convert Lab color to sBGR color
Lab2Lrgb79 Convert Lab color to sRGB color
Luv2Lbgr80 Convert Luv color to sBGR color
Luv2Lrgb81 Convert Luv color to sRGB color
Bgr2Yuv82 Convert BGR color to YUV
Rgb2Yuv83 Convert RGB color to YUV
Yuv2Bgr84 Convert YUV color to BGR
Yuv2Rgb85 Convert YUV color to RGB
BayerBg2Gray86 Convert BayerBG to GRAY
BayerGb2Gray87 Convert BayerGB to GRAY
BayerRg2Gray88 Convert BayerRG to GRAY
BayerGr2Gray89 Convert BayerGR to GRAY
Yuv420I2Rgb90 Convert YUV420i to RGB
Yuv420I2Bgr91 Convert YUV420i to BGR
Yuv420Sp2Rgb92 Convert YUV420sp to RGB
Yuv420Sp2Bgr93 Convert YUV320sp to BGR
Yuv420I2Rgba94 Convert YUV320i to RGBA
Yuv420I2Bgra95 Convert YUV420i to BGRA
Yuv420Sp2Rgba96 Convert YUV420sp to RGBA
Yuv420Sp2Bgra97 Convert YUV420sp to BGRA
Yuv2RgbYv1298 Convert YUV (YV12) to RGB
Yuv2BgrYv1299 Convert YUV (YV12) to BGR
Yuv2RgbIyuv100 Convert YUV (iYUV) to RGB
Yuv2BgrIyuv101 Convert YUV (iYUV) to BGR
Yuv2RgbI420100 Convert YUV (i420) to RGB
Yuv2BgrI420101 Convert YUV (i420) to BGR
Yuv420P2Rgb98 Convert YUV (420p) to RGB
Yuv420P2Bgr99 Convert YUV (420p) to BGR
Yuv2RgbaYv12102 Convert YUV (YV12) to RGBA
Yuv2BgraYv12103 Convert YUV (YV12) to BGRA
Yuv2RgbaIyuv104 Convert YUV (iYUV) to RGBA
Yuv2BgraIyuv105 Convert YUV (iYUV) to BGRA
Yuv2RgbaI420104 Convert YUV (i420) to RGBA
Yuv2BgraI420105 Convert YUV (i420) to BGRA
Yuv420P2Rgba102 Convert YUV (420p) to RGBA
Yuv420P2Bgra103 Convert YUV (420p) to BGRA
Yuv2Gray420106 Convert YUV 420 to Gray
Yuv2GrayNv21106 Convert YUV NV21 to Gray
Yuv2GrayNv12106 Convert YUV NV12 to Gray
Yuv2GrayYv12106 Convert YUV YV12 to Gray
Yuv2GrayIyuv106 Convert YUV (iYUV) to Gray
Yuv2GrayI420106 Convert YUV (i420) to Gray
Yuv420Sp2Gray106 Convert YUV (420sp) to Gray
Yuv420P2Gray106 Convert YUV (420p) to Gray
Yuv2RgbUyvy107 Convert YUV (UYVY) to RGB
Yuv2BgrUyvy108 Convert YUV (UYVY) to BGR
Yuv2RgbY422107 Convert YUV (Y422) to RGB
Yuv2BgrY422108 Convert YUV (Y422) to BGR
Yuv2RgbUynv107 Convert YUV (UYNY) to RGB
Yuv2BgrUynv108 Convert YUV (UYNV) to BGR
Yuv2RgbaUyvy111 Convert YUV (UYVY) to RGBA
Yuv2BgraUyvy112 Convert YUV (VYUY) to BGRA
Yuv2RgbaY422111 Convert YUV (Y422) to RGBA
Yuv2BgraY422112 Convert YUV (Y422) to BGRA
Yuv2RgbaUynv111 Convert YUV (UYNV) to RGBA
Yuv2BgraUynv112 Convert YUV (UYNV) to BGRA
Yuv2RgbYuy2115 Convert YUV (YUY2) to RGB
Yuv2BgrYuy2116 Convert YUV (YUY2) to BGR
Yuv2RgbYvyu117 Convert YUV (YVYU) to RGB
Yuv2BgrYvyu118 Convert YUV (YVYU) to BGR
Yuv2RgbYuyv115 Convert YUV (YUYV) to RGB
Yuv2BgrYuyv116 Convert YUV (YUYV) to BGR
Yuv2RgbYunv115 Convert YUV (YUNV) to RGB
Yuv2BgrYunv116 Convert YUV (YUNV) to BGR
Yuv2RgbaYuy2119 Convert YUV (YUY2) to RGBA
Yuv2BgraYuy2120 Convert YUV (YUY2) to BGRA
Yuv2RgbaYvyu121 Convert YUV (YVYU) to RGBA
Yuv2BgraYvyu122 Convert YUV (YVYU) to BGRA
Yuv2RgbaYuyv119 Convert YUV (YUYV) to RGBA
Yuv2BgraYuyv120 Convert YUV (YUYV) to BGRA
Yuv2RgbaYunv119 Convert YUV (YUNV) to RGBA
Yuv2BgraYunv120 Convert YUV (YUNV) to BGRA
Yuv2GrayUyvy123 Convert YUV (UYVY) to Gray
Yuv2GrayYuy2124 Convert YUV (YUY2) to Gray
Yuv2GrayY422123 Convert YUV (Y422) to Gray
Yuv2GrayUynv123 Convert YUV (UYNV) to Gray
Yuv2GrayYvyu124 Convert YUV (YVYU) to Gray
Yuv2GrayYuyv124 Convert YUV (YUYV) to Gray
Yuv2GrayYunv124 Convert YUV (YUNV) to Gray
Rgba2MRgba125 Alpha premultiplication
MRgba2Rgba126 Alpha premultiplication
Rgb2YuvI420127 Convert RGB to YUV_I420
Bgr2YuvI420128 Convert BGR to YUV_I420
Rgb2YuvIyuv127 Convert RGB to YUV_IYUV
Bgr2YuvIyuv128 Convert BGR to YUV_IYUV
Rgba2YuvI420129 Convert RGBA to YUV_I420
Bgra2YuvI420130 Convert BGRA to YUV_I420
Rgba2YuvIyuv129 Convert RGBA to YUV_IYUV
Bgra2YuvIyuv130 Convert BGRA to YUV_IYUV
Rgb2YuvYv12131 Convert RGB to YUV_YV12
Bgr2YuvYv12132 Convert BGR to YUV_YV12
Rgba2YuvYv12133 Convert RGBA to YUV_YV12
Bgra2YuvYv12134 Convert BGRA to YUV_YV12
BayerBg2BgrEa135 Convert BayerBG to BGR (Edge-Aware Demosaicing)
BayerGb2BgrEa136 Convert BayerGB to BGR (Edge-Aware Demosaicing)
BayerRg2BgrEa137 Convert BayerRG to BGR (Edge-Aware Demosaicing)
BayerGr2BgrEa138 Convert BayerGR to BGR (Edge-Aware Demosaicing)
BayerBg2RgbEa137 Convert BayerBG to RGB (Edge-Aware Demosaicing)
BayerGb2RgbEa138 Convert BayerGB to RGB (Edge-Aware Demosaicing)
BayerRg2RgbEa135 Convert BayerRG to RGB (Edge-Aware Demosaicing)
BayerGr2RgbEa136 Convert BayerGR to RGB (Edge-Aware Demosaicing)
ColorcvtMax139 The max number, do not use
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