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Emgu.CV.Bioinspired Namespace
Biologically inspired vision models and derivated tools
Public classBioinspiredInvoke
Entry points to the Open CV bioinspired module
Public classRetina
A wrapper class which allows the Gipsa/Listic Labs model to be used. This retina model allows spatio-temporal image processing (applied on still images, video sequences). As a summary, these are the retina model properties: 1. It applies a spectral whithening (mid-frequency details enhancement); 2. high frequency spatio-temporal noise reduction; 3. low frequency luminance to be reduced (luminance range compression); 4. local logarithmic luminance compression allows details to be enhanced in low light conditions. USE : this model can be used basically for spatio-temporal video effects but also for : _using the getParvo method output matrix : texture analysiswith enhanced signal to noise ratio and enhanced details robust against input images luminance ranges _using the getMagno method output matrix : motion analysis also with the previously cited properties For more information, reer to the following papers : Benoit A., Caplier A., Durette B., Herault, J., "USING HUMAN VISUAL SYSTEM MODELING FOR BIO-INSPIRED LOW LEVEL IMAGE PROCESSING", Elsevier, Computer Vision and Image Understanding 114 (2010), pp. 758-773, DOI: Vision: Images, Signals and Neural Networks: Models of Neural Processing in Visual Perception (Progress in Neural Processing),By: Jeanny Herault, ISBN: 9814273686. WAPI (Tower ID): 113266891. The retina filter includes the research contributions of phd/research collegues from which code has been redrawn by the author : _take a look at the retinacolor.hpp module to discover Brice Chaix de Lavarene color mosaicing/demosaicing and the reference paper: B. Chaix de Lavarene, D. Alleysson, B. Durette, J. Herault (2007). "Efficient demosaicing through recursive filtering", IEEE International Conference on Image Processing ICIP 2007 _take a look at imagelogpolprojection.hpp to discover retina spatial log sampling which originates from Barthelemy Durette phd with Jeanny Herault. A Retina / V1 cortex projection is also proposed and originates from Jeanny's discussions. more informations in the above cited Jeanny Heraults's book.
Public classRetinaFastToneMapping
A wrapper class which allows the tone mapping algorithm of Meylan & al(2007) to be used with OpenCV.