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Emgu.CV.Cuda Namespace
NVidia Cuda image processing functions
Public classColumnSumFilter
A vertical 1D box filter.
Public classCudaBackgroundSubtractorFGD
Background/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm.
Public classCudaBackgroundSubtractorGMG
Background/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm.
Public classCudaBackgroundSubtractorMOG
Gaussian Mixture-based Background/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm.
Public classCudaBackgroundSubtractorMOG2
Gaussian Mixture-based Background/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm.
Public classCudaBFMatcher
A Brute force matcher using Cuda
Public classCudaBoxFilter
Box filter
Public classCudaBoxMaxFilter
BoxMax filter
Public classCudaBoxMinFilter
BoxMin filter
Public classCudaBroxOpticalFlow
Brox optical flow
Public classCudaCannyEdgeDetector
Cascade Classifier for object detection using Cuda
Public classCudaClahe
Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization
Public classCudaConvolution
Base class for convolution (or cross-correlation) operator.
Public classCudaCornernessCriteria
Base CornernessCriteria class
Public classCudaDensePyrLKOpticalFlow
PyrLK optical flow
Public classCudaDerivFilter
A generalized Deriv operator.
Public classCudaDeviceInfo
The Cuda device information
Public classCudaDisparityBilateralFilter
Disparity map refinement using joint bilateral filtering given a single color image. Qingxiong Yang, Liang Wang†, Narendra Ahuja
Public classCudaFarnebackOpticalFlow
Farneback optical flow
Public classCudaFastFeatureDetector
A FAST detector using Cuda
Public classCudaFilter
Base Cuda filter class
Public classCudaGaussianFilter
Gaussian filter
Public classCudaGoodFeaturesToTrackDetector
Cuda implementation of GoodFeaturesToTrackDetector
Public classCudaHarrisCorner
Runs the Harris edge detector on image. Similarly to cvCornerMinEigenVal and cvCornerEigenValsAndVecs, for each pixel it calculates 2x2 gradient covariation matrix M over block_size x block_size neighborhood. Then, it stores det(M) - k*trace(M)^2 to the destination image. Corners in the image can be found as local maxima of the destination image.
Public classCudaHOG
A HOG descriptor
Public classCudaHoughCirclesDetector
Base class for circles detector algorithm.
Public classCudaHoughLinesDetector
Base class for lines detector algorithm.
Public classCudaHoughSegmentDetector
Base class for line segments detector algorithm.
Public classCudaImageTColor, TDepth
An CudaImage is very similar to the Emgu.CV.Image except that it is being used for GPU processing
Public classCudaInvoke
This class wraps the functional calls to the opencv_gpu module
Public classCudaLaplacianFilter
Laplacian filter
Public classCudaLinearFilter
Applies arbitrary linear filter to the image. In-place operation is supported. When the aperture is partially outside the image, the function interpolates outlier pixel values from the nearest pixels that is inside the image
Public classCudaLookUpTable
Gpu look up table
Public classCudaMinEigenValCorner
Implementation for the minimum eigen value of a 2x2 derivative covariation matrix (the cornerness criteria).
Public classCudaMorphologyFilter
Morphology filter
Public classCudaOpticalFlowDualTvl1
DualTvl1 optical flow
Public classCudaORBDetector
An ORB detector using Cuda
Public classCudaSobelFilter
Sobel filter
Public classCudaSparsePyrLKOpticalFlow
Sparse PyrLK optical flow
Public classCudaStereoBM
Use Block Matching algorithm to find stereo correspondence
Public classCudaStereoConstantSpaceBP
A Constant-Space Belief Propagation Algorithm for Stereo Matching. Qingxiong Yang, Liang Wang, Narendra Ahuja.
Public classCudaTemplateMatching
Cuda template matching filter.
Public classCudaVideoReader
Cuda video reader
Public classCudaVideoWriter
Works only under Windows, Supports only H264 video codec and AVI files.
Public classDescriptorMatcher
Descriptor matcher
Public classFeature2DAsyncExtension
Class that contains extension methods for Feature2DAsync
Public classGpuMat
A GpuMat, use the generic version if possible. The non generic version is good for use as buffer in stream calls.
Public classGpuMatTDepth
Similar to CvArray but use GPU for processing
Public classMedianFilter
median filtering for each point of the source image.
Public classNvidiaOpticalFlow_1_0
Class for computing the optical flow vectors between two images using NVIDIA Optical Flow hardware and Optical Flow SDK 1.0.
Public classRowSumFilter
A horizontal 1D box filter.
Public classScharrFilter
A vertical or horizontal Scharr operator.
Public classSeparableLinearFilter
Public classStream
Encapculates Cuda Stream. Provides interface for async coping. Passed to each function that supports async kernel execution. Reference counting is enabled
Public classTargetArchs
Gives information about what GPU archs this OpenCV GPU module was compiled for
Public classVectorOfGpuMat
Wrapped class of the C++ standard vector of GpuMat.
Public structureCudaVideoReaderFormatInfo
Struct providing information about video file format.
Public interfaceICudaDenseOpticalFlow
Cuda Dense Optical flow
Public interfaceICudaSparseOpticalFlow
Interface to provide access to the cuda::SparseOpticalFlow class.
Public interfaceIFeature2DAsync
The feature 2D base class
Public interfaceINvidiaOpticalFlow
Base Interface for optical flow algorithms using NVIDIA Optical Flow SDK