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Emgu.CV.Shape Namespace
The module contains algorithms that embed a notion of shape distance. These algorithms may be used for shape matching and retrieval, or shape comparison.
Public classAffineTransformer
Wrapper class for the OpenCV Affine Transformation algorithm.
Public classChiHistogramCostExtractor
An Chi based cost extraction.
Public classEMDHistogramCostExtractor
An EMD based cost extraction.
Public classEMDL1HistogramCostExtractor
An EMD-L1 based cost extraction.
Public classHausdorffDistanceExtractor
A simple Hausdorff distance measure between shapes defined by contours, according to the paper “Comparing Images using the Hausdorff distance.” by D.P. Huttenlocher, G.A. Klanderman, and W.J. Rucklidge. (PAMI 1993).
Public classHistogramCostExtractor
Abstract base class for histogram cost algorithms.
Public classNormHistogramCostExtractor
A norm based cost extraction.
Public classShapeContextDistanceExtractor
Implementation of the Shape Context descriptor and matching algorithm proposed by Belongie et al. in “Shape Matching and Object Recognition Using Shape Contexts” (PAMI 2002).
Public classShapeDistanceExtractor
Abstract base class for shape distance algorithms.
Public classShapeInvoke
Library to invoke functions that belongs to the shape module
Public classThinPlateSplineShapeTransformer
Definition of the transformation occupied in the paper “Principal Warps: Thin-Plate Splines and Decomposition of Deformations”, by F.L. Bookstein (PAMI 1989).
Public interfaceIShapeTransformer
Abstract base class for shape transformation algorithms.