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Emgu.CV.Face Namespace
The module contains some recently added functionality that has not been stabilized, or functionality that is considered optional.
Public classBasicFaceRecognizer
Basic Face Recognizer
Public classBIF
Implementation of bio-inspired features (BIF) from the paper: Guo, Guodong, et al. "Human age estimation using bio-inspired features." Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2009. CVPR 2009.
Public classEigenFaceRecognizer
Eigen face recognizer
Public classFaceInvoke
Class that contains entry points for the Face module.
Public classFacemarkAAM
The Facemark AMM model
Public classFacemarkAAMParams
Parameters for the FacemarkAAM model
Public classFacemarkLBF
The FacemarkLBF model
Public classFacemarkLBFParams
Parameters for the FacemarkLBF model
Public classFaceRecognizer
Face Recognizer
Public classFisherFaceRecognizer
Fisher face recognizer
Public classLBPHFaceRecognizer
LBPH face recognizer
Public classMACE
Minimum Average Correlation Energy Filter useful for authentication with (cancellable) biometrical features. (does not need many positives to train (10-50), and no negatives at all, also robust to noise/salting)
Public interfaceIFacemark
Interface to the Facemark class