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Emgu.CV.OCR Namespace
Optical character recognition. Wraps the tesseract-ocr engine.
Public classLocaleGuard
This class set the locale to specific values and revert it back to the old values when the object is disposed.
Public classOcrInvoke
Library to invoke Tesseract OCR functions
Public classPageIterator
The tesseract page iterator
Public classPDFRenderer
Renders tesseract output into searchable PDF
Public classPix
Leptonica Pix image structure
Public classTesseract
The tesseract OCR engine
Public classVectorOfTesseractResult
Wrapped class of the C++ standard vector of TesseractResult.
Public structureOrientation
The orientation
Public structureTesseractCharacter
This represent a character that is detected by the OCR engine
Public structureTesseractResult
This structure is primary used for PInvoke
Public interfaceITessResultRenderer
Interface to the TesseractResultRender
Public enumerationLocaleGuardLocaleCategory
The locale category
Public enumerationOcrEngineMode
When Tesseract/LSTM is initialized we can choose to instantiate/load/run only the Tesseract part, only the Cube part or both along with the combiner. The preference of which engine to use is stored in tessedit_ocr_engine_mode.
Public enumerationPageIteratorLevel
Page iterator level
Public enumerationPageOrientation
Page orientation
Public enumerationPageSegMode
Tesseract page segmentation mode
Public enumerationTextlineOrder
Textline order
Public enumerationWritingDirection
Writing direction