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Emgu.CV.BgSegm Namespace
Background Segmentation.
Public classBackgroundSubtractorCNT
Background subtraction based on counting.
Public classBackgroundSubtractorGMG
Background Subtractor module based on the algorithm given in: Andrew B. Godbehere, Akihiro Matsukawa, Ken Goldberg, "Visual Tracking of Human Visitors under Variable-Lighting Conditions for a Responsive Audio Art Installation", American Control Conference, Montreal, June 2012.
Public classBackgroundSubtractorGSOC
Implementation of the different yet better algorithm which is called GSOC, as it was implemented during GSOC and was not originated from any paper.
Public classBackgroundSubtractorLSBP
Background Subtraction using Local SVD Binary Pattern.
Public classBackgroundSubtractorMOG
Gaussian Mixture-based Background/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm. The class implements the following algorithm: "An improved adaptive background mixture model for real-time tracking with shadow detection" P. KadewTraKuPong and R. Bowden, Proc. 2nd European Workshp on Advanced Video-Based Surveillance Systems, 2001."