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Emgu.CV.ML Namespace
Wrapper of OpenCV's Machine Learning Library
Public classANN_MLP
Neural network
Public classBoost
Boost Tree
Public classDTrees
Decision Trees
Public classEM
Expectation Maximization model
Public classKNearest
The KNearest classifier
Public classLogisticRegression
ML implements logistic regression, which is a probabilistic classification technique.
Public classMlInvoke
This class contains functions to call into machine learning library
Public classNormalBayesClassifier
A Normal Bayes Classifier
Public classRTrees
Random trees
Public classStatModelExtensions
A statistic model
Public classSVM
Support Vector Machine
Public classSVMSGD
Support Vector Machine
Public classTrainData
Train data
Public structureMCvParamGrid
Wrapped CvParamGrid structure used by SVM
Public interfaceIStatModel
Interface for statistical models in OpenCV ML.
Public enumerationANN_MLPAnnMlpActivationFunction
Possible activation functions
Public enumerationANN_MLPAnnMlpTrainMethod
Training method for ANN_MLP
Public enumerationBoostType
Boost Type
Public enumerationDTreesFlags
Predict options
Public enumerationEMCovarianMatrixType
The type of the mixture covariation matrices
Public enumerationKNearestTypes
The type of KNearest search
Public enumerationLogisticRegressionRegularizationMethod
Specifies the kind of regularization to be applied.
Public enumerationLogisticRegressionTrainType
Specifies the kind of training method used.
Public enumerationSVMParamType
The type of SVM parameters
Public enumerationSVMSvmKernelType
SVM kernel type
Public enumerationSVMSvmType
Type of SVM
Public enumerationSVMSGDMarginType
Margin type
Public enumerationSVMSGDSvmsgdType
SVMSGD type. ASGD is often the preferable choice.