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Emgu.CV.Structure Namespace
Wrapped OpenCV structures
Public structureBgr
Defines a Bgr (Blue Green Red) color
Public structureBgr565
Defines a Bgr565 (Blue Green Red) color
Public structureBgra
Defines a Bgra (Blue Green Red Alpha) color
Public structureCircleF
A circle
Public structureColorPoint
A point with Bgr color information
Public structureCross2DF
A 2D cross
Public structureCuboid
A solid resembling a cube, with the rectangular faces not all equal; a rectangular parallelepiped.
Public structureCvStructSizes
This is used to hold the sizes of the Open CV structures
Public structureEllipse
An ellipse
Public structureGray
Defines a Gray color
Public structureHls
Defines a Hls (Hue Lightness Satuation) color
Public structureHsv
Defines a HSV (Hue Satuation Value) color
Public structureLab
Defines a CIE Lab color
Public structureLineSegment2D
A line segment
Public structureLineSegment2DF
A line segment
Public structureLineSegment3DF
A 3D line segment
Public structureLuv
Defines a CIE Luv color
Public structureMCvAvgComp
Result of cvHaarDetectObjects
Public structureMCvMat
Managed structure equivalent to CvMat
Public structureMCvMatND
Managed structure equivalent to CvMatND
Public structureMCvMatNDDimension
The MatND Dimension
Public structureMCvObjectDetection
Structure contains the bounding box and confidence level for detected object
Public structureMCvPoint2D64f
Managed Structure equivalent to CvPoint2D64f
Public structureMCvPoint3D32f
Managed Structure equivalent to CvPoint3D32f
Public structureMCvPoint3D64f
Managed Structure equivalent to CvPoint3D64f
Public structureMCvScalar
Managed structure equivalent to CvScalar
Public structureMCvSlice
Managed structure equivalent to CvSlice
Public structureMCvTermCriteria
Managed structure equivalent to CvTermCriteria
Public structureMDMatch
OpenCV's DMatch structure
Public structureMIplImage
Managed structure equivalent to IplImage
Public structureMKeyPoint
OpenCV's KeyPoint class
Public structureRange
The range use to setup the histogram
Public structureRangeF
The range use to setup the histogram
Public structureRgb
Defines a Rgb (Red Green Blue) color
Public structureRgba
Defines a Rgba (Red Green Blue Alpha) color
Public structureRotatedRect
Managed structure equivalent to CvBox2D
Public structureTriangle2DF
A 2D triangle
Public structureTriangle3DF
A 3D triangle
Public structureXyz
Defines a Xyz color (CIE XYZ.Rec 709 with D65 white point)
Public structureYcc
Defines a Ycc color (YCrCb JPEG)