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Emgu.CV.XImgproc Namespace
Extended Image Processing
Public classDisparityWLSFilter
Disparity map filter based on Weighted Least Squares filter (in form of Fast Global Smoother that is a lot faster than traditional Weighted Least Squares filter implementations) and optional use of left-right-consistency-based confidence to refine the results in half-occlusions and uniform areas.
Public classDTFilter
Interface for realizations of Domain Transform filter.
Public classEdgeBoxes
Class implementing EdgeBoxes algorithm from C. Lawrence Zitnick and Piotr Dollár. Edge boxes: Locating object proposals from edges. In ECCV, 2014.
Public classFastLineDetector
Class implementing the FLD (Fast Line Detector) algorithm
Public classGraphSegmentation
Graph Based Segmentation Algorithm. The class implements the algorithm described in Pedro F Felzenszwalb and Daniel P Huttenlocher. Efficient graph-based image segmentation. volume 59, pages 167 - 181. Springer, 2004.
Public classRFFeatureGetter
Helper class for training part of [P. Dollar and C. L. Zitnick. Structured Forests for Fast Edge Detection, 2013].
Public classRidgeDetectionFilter
Applies Ridge Detection Filter to an input image. Implements Ridge detection similar to the one in [Mathematica] ( using the eigen values from the Hessian Matrix of the input image using Sobel Derivatives. Additional refinement can be done using Skeletonization and Binarization.
Public classRightMatcher
The matcher for computing the right-view disparity map that is required in case of filtering with confidence.
Public classSelectiveSearchSegmentation
Selective search segmentation algorithm The class implements the algorithm described in: Jasper RR Uijlings, Koen EA van de Sande, Theo Gevers, and Arnold WM Smeulders. Selective search for object recognition. International journal of computer vision, 104(2):154–171, 2013.
Public classStructuredEdgeDetection
Class implementing edge detection algorithm from Piotr Dollar and C Lawrence Zitnick. Structured forests for fast edge detection. In Computer Vision (ICCV), 2013 IEEE International Conference on, pages 1841-1848. IEEE, 2013.
Public classSuperpixelLSC
Class implementing the LSC (Linear Spectral Clustering) superpixels algorithm described in "Zhengqin Li and Jiansheng Chen. Superpixel segmentation using linear spectral clustering. June 2015."
Public classSupperpixelSEEDS
Class implementing the SEEDS (Superpixels Extracted via Energy-Driven Sampling) superpixels algorithm described in Michael Van den Bergh, Xavier Boix, Gemma Roig, Benjamin de Capitani, and Luc Van Gool. Seeds: Superpixels extracted via energy-driven sampling. In Computer Vision-ECCV 2012, pages 13-26. Springer, 2012.
Public classSupperpixelSLIC
Class implementing the SLIC (Simple Linear Iterative Clustering) superpixels algorithm described in Radhakrishna Achanta, Appu Shaji, Kevin Smith, Aurelien Lucchi, Pascal Fua, and Sabine Susstrunk. Slic superpixels compared to state-of-the-art superpixel methods. IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell., 34(11):2274-2282, nov 2012.
Public classXImgprocInvoke
Library to invoke XImgproc functions
Public interfaceIDisparityFilter
Main interface for all disparity map filters.
Public enumerationDTFilterMode
The three modes for filtering 2D signals in the article.
Public enumerationDtFilterType
Domain Transform filter type
Public enumerationLocalBinarizationMethods
LocalBinarizationMethods type
Public enumerationSupperpixelSLICAlgorithm
The algorithm to use
Public enumerationThinningTypes
Thinning type
Public enumerationWMFWeightType
Weight type