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Emgu.CV.UI Namespace
User interface (ImageBox) for displaying Image object.
Public classHistogramBox
The control that is used to display histogram
Public classHistogramViewer
A view for histogram
Public classImageBox
An image box is a user control that is similar to picture box, but display Emgu CV IImage and provides enhenced functionalities.
Public classImageViewer
The Image viewer that display IImage
Public classMatrixBox
A control that is used to visualize a matrix
Public classMatrixViewer
A MatrixViewer that is used to visualize a matrix
Public classOperation
An operation contains the MethodInfo and the methods parameters. It provides a way to invoke a specific method with the specific parameters.
Public classPanAndZoomPictureBox
A picture box with pan and zoom functionality
Public enumerationFunctionalModeOption
The functional mode for ImageBox