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Emgu.CV.CvEnum Namespace
OpenCV Enumeration
Public enumerationAccessType
Access type
Public enumerationAdaptiveThresholdType
Types of Adaptive Threshold
Public enumerationBackOrFront
Specific if it is back or front
Public enumerationBorderType
The type for CopyMakeBorder function
Public enumerationCalibCbType
Type of chessboard calibration
Public enumerationCalibCgType
Type of circles grid calibration
Public enumerationCalibType
Various camera calibration flags
Public enumerationCapProp
CV Capture property identifier
Public enumerationChainApproxMethod
contour approximation method
Public enumerationCheckType
Enumeration used by cvCheckArr
Public enumerationCloningMethod
Seamless clone method
Public enumerationCmpType
Type used for cvCmp function
Public enumerationColorConversion
Color Conversion code
Public enumerationColorMapType
The type of color map
Public enumerationConnectedComponentsTypes
Connected components algorithm output formats
Public enumerationConnectivity
The type for cvSampleLine
Public enumerationContoursMatchType
Type used by cvMatchShapes
Public enumerationCovarMethod
cvCalcCovarMatrix method types
Public enumerationDctType
Flag used for cvDCT
Public enumerationDecompMethod
cvInvert method
Public enumerationDepthType
OpenCV depth type
Public enumerationDistLabelType
Distance transform algorithm flags
Public enumerationDistType
Defines for Distance Transform
Public enumerationDxtType
Flag used for cvDFT
Public enumerationEdgePreservingFilterFlag
Edge preserving filter flag
Public enumerationEigobjType
IO type for eigen object related functions
Public enumerationElementShape
Shape of the Structuring Element
Public enumerationErrorCodes
Error codes
Public enumerationFlipType
Enumeration used by cvFlip
Public enumerationFloodFillType
Type of floodfill operation
Public enumerationFmType
Calculates fundamental matrix given a set of corresponding points
Public enumerationFontFace
Public enumerationGemmType
Flags used for GEMM function
Public enumerationGeneral
General enumeration
Public enumerationGrabcutInitType
Grabcut initialization type
Public enumerationHaarDetectionType
The types for haar detection
Public enumerationHandEyeCalibrationMethod
HandEyeCalibration Method
Public enumerationHistogramCompMethod
Histogram comparison method
Public enumerationHoughModes
Hough detection type
Public enumerationImreadModes
cvLoadImage type
Public enumerationImwriteFlags
Flags for Imwrite function
Public enumerationInpaintType
Inpaint type
Public enumerationInter
Interpolation types
Public enumerationIplDepth
Public enumerationKMeansInitType
KMeans initialization type
Public enumerationLineType
The type of line for drawing
Public enumerationLKFlowFlag
Type for cvCalcOpticalFlowPyrLK
Public enumerationMarkerTypes
The type of Marker for drawing
Public enumerationMorphOp
Morphology operation type
Public enumerationMotionType
Motion type for the FindTransformECC function
Public enumerationMulSpectrumsType
The types for MulSpectrums
Public enumerationNormType
Type for Norm
Public enumerationOpticalflowFarnebackFlag
The available flags for Farneback optical flow computation
Public enumerationOrientation
Public enumerationPcaType
PCA Type
Public enumerationRectIntersectType
Rectangle intersect type
Public enumerationReduceDimension
Type used for Reduce function
Public enumerationReduceType
Type used for Reduce function
Public enumerationRetrType
Contour retrieval mode
Public enumerationRobustEstimationAlgorithm
Type of Robust Estimation Algorithm
Public enumerationRotateFlags
The rotation type
Public enumerationSeqEltype
Sequence element type
Public enumerationSeqFlag
Sequence flag
Public enumerationSeqKind
The kind of sequence available
Public enumerationSeqType
Sequence type for point sets
Public enumerationSmoothType
Interpolation type
Public enumerationSolveLPResult
The return value for solveLP function
Public enumerationSolvePnpMethod
Method for solving a PnP problem
Public enumerationSortFlags
Flags for sorting
Public enumerationStereoBmPrefilter
Stereo Block Matching Prefilter type
Public enumerationStereoRectifyType
Type used in cvStereoRectify
Public enumerationStorageOp
The file storage operation type
Public enumerationSubdiv2DPointLocationType
The result type of cvSubdiv2DLocate.
Public enumerationSvdFlag
Type for cvSVD
Public enumerationTemplateMatchingType
Methods for comparing two array
Public enumerationTermCritType
Public enumerationThresholdType
Types of thresholding
Public enumerationWarp
Types for WarpAffine
Public enumerationWindowFlags
The named window type
Public enumerationWindowPropertyFlags
Flags for SetWindowProperty / GetWindowProperty