Asp.Net Core on Ubuntu

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This example requires Emgu CV 4.3.0 and up


This tutorial is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. You will need to follow the instruction here to build Emgu CV from source code. Once you have the BuildInfo.NetCore.Console project running from above, you have the dependencies setup for your project and can continue below.

Running the ASP .NetCore project

The source code is located under the



Command Line

You can run the project by running

dotnet run

in the above folder.

Using Visual Studio Code

You can also open the project with Visual Studio Code

Testing with a browser

Open a browser from Ubuntu and enter the url


You should get a Jpeg file, generated by Emgu CV, that contains text describing the current time on the system.

Firefox on Ubuntu showing core generated image

Congratulations, you have your first Emgu CV Asp.Net Core apps running on Ubuntu!