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== Tutorial Code ==
[http://www.emgu.com/wiki/index.php/Code_Reference <b>Online Code Reference</b>]
====Image Processing Examples ====
* [[Hello World in CSharp|Hello World]]
* [[Setting_up_EMGU_C_Sharp| User Guide to EMGU and Accessing Image Data]]
* [[Camera Capture in 7 lines of code]]
* [[Shape (Triangle, Rectangle, Circle, Line) Detection in CSharp | Shape (Triangle, Rectangle, Circle, Line) Detection]]
* [[SURF feature detector in CSharp|SURF Feature Detector]]
* [[FAST feature detector in CSharp|FAST Feature Detector]]
* [[WPF in CSharp|Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)]]
* [[Face detection| Face detection in Csharp]]
* [[Pedestrian Detection in CSharp | Pedestrian Detection, Histogram of oriented gradients (HOG)]]
* [[Traffic Sign Detection in CSharp|Traffic Sign Detection]]
* [[License Plate Recognition in CSharp|License Plate Recognition (LPR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR)]]
* [[Image Stitching in CSharp| Image Stitching]]
* [[Kalman_Filter| Using the Kalman Filter]]
====Computational Geometry Examples ====
* [[Planar Subdivision in CSharp|Delaunay's Triangulation and Voronoi Diagram]]
* [[Convex Hull in CSharp| Convex Hull]]
* [[Ellipse Fitting in CSharp | Ellipse Fitting]]
* [[Minimum Area Rectangle in CSharp | Minimum Area Rectangle]]
* [[Minimum Enclosing Circle in CSharp | Minimum Enclosing Circle]]
====Machine Learning Examples ====
* [[Normal Bayes Classifier in CSharp | Normal Bayes Classifier ]]
* [[K Nearest Neighbors in CSharp | K Nearest Neighbors ]]
* [[SVM (Support Vector Machine) in CSharp | Support Vector Machine (SVM) - thanks to Albert G.]]
* [[Expectation-Maximization in CSharp | Expectation-Maximization (EM)]]
* [[ANN MLP (Neural Network) in CSharp | Neural Network (ANN MLP) ]]
* [[Mushroom Poisonous Prediction (Decision Tree) in CSharp | Mushroom Poisonous Prediction (Decision Tree) ]]
* [[Hello World in C++|Hello World]]
* [[Setting up Emgu CV and IronPython]]
* [[Face Detection from IronPython]]
* [[Face Detection in VB.NET]]
* [[Hello World in VB.NET]]

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