Emgu CV for Windows Phone

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You will need Visual Studio 2013 for development.

Getting Emgu CV for Windows Phone

Emgu CV for Windows Phone 8.1 is only available under our commercial license.

Differences between Emgu CV for Windows Phone and Desktop version

  • "System.Drawing.Bitmap" is not available on this platform.
  • The Emgu.CV.GPU module is not available for this platform.

Running the Demo app

Once the package (e.g. libemgucv-windows-phone-universal- is downloaded. The demo program can be loaded by opening the solution file under “Solution\Windows.Phone\Emgu.CV.Example.Windows.Phone.sln”.

Once the solution is open, please set the Emgu.CV.Windows.Phone.App as the start up project.

Please note that when building the WindowsPhoneApp project in the demo solution for the first time, the Lumia Imaging SDK will automatically be downloaded (we use Lumia SDK for real-time camera capture). There will be an error for the first build that can be safely ignored, it is caused by Visual Studio trying to build the WindowsPhoneApp project before the Lumia SDK download is completed. Just wait a few seconds and build it a second time and all should be fine.

Now you can connect your windows phone 8.1 and start running the app on your phone.