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A Quick Overview

Emgu CV use a Dual License business model for its software development library and offers licenses for two distinct purposes - open source and commercial development

  • If you wish to use the open source license of an EMGU product, you must contribute all your source code to the open source community and you must give them the right to share it with everyone too.
  • If you derive a commercial advantage by having a closed source solution, you must purchase an appropriate commercial licenses from EMGU. By purchasing commercial license, you are no longer obligated to publish your source code.

Open Source License

EMGU is an avid supporter of open source software. This is the appropriate option if you are creating an open source application with a license compatible with the GNU GPL license v3.

A quick guide to GPL v3 can be found here

Commercial License

If you wish to derive a commercial advantage by not releasing your application under an open source license, you must purchase a commercial license from EMGU. By purchasing commercial license, you are no longer obligated to publish your source code. The commercial version is optimized for best performance.


Commercial licenses:

  • Are perpetual and include upgrades to all minor revisions. For example: a 2.0 license includes all 2.x releases including 2.0, 2.0.2, 2.1, 2.2.1, etc.
  • Are royalty-free
  • Remove any obligations to release any source code.
  • Are backward compatible. For example: a 2.0 license includes all 1.x release as well. Commercial licenses are not forward compatible, meaning that if you have a 1.0 license and you need to deploy 2.x release in your commercial product, a 2.0 license upgrade purchase is required.
  • Commercial license only cover the binary of Emgu CV, and do not cover any non-Emgu implemented binary. Usage of Open CV binary is govern by it own BSD license, usage of ZedGraph is covered by LGPL license. In general both BSD and LGPL license allows commercial usage, however some algorithms implemented by OpenCV, such as SIFT, SURF and haar-cascade is patented in the U.S. Its your responsibility to check whether the algorithm is patented or not in your country and contact the patent owner if you want to use it in your commercial software.

Terms of Commercial License

Performance Advantage

  • Starting with Emgu CV 2.2.1, the commercial release will be built with Intel Composer XE 2011, IPP 7.0 for optimal performance. It is also built with the commercial version of TBB for multi-threading support.
  • Commercial package can be downloaded from our website. Using the credential provided during the license purchasing process.


Commercial License Purchase