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from EmguInit import *
from EmguInit import *
* You are ready to go.
* You are ready to go. The next step you might want to try is the [[Face Detection from IronPython]] example.

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To use Emgu CV with IronPython, please follow the steps below:

  • Extract the IronPython Binary to a folder
  • Install OpenCV
    • On Windows, copy the required OpenCV 1.1 dlls to the same Folder, please remember to install MSVCRT 8.0 as well
    • On Linux, just install OpenCV package
  • Copy Emgu.CV.dll, Emgu.Util.dll, ZedGraph.dll and zlib.net.dll to the same Folder
  • Copy EmguInit.py to the same Folder
  • Run the ipy.exe program. (On Mono, call "mono ipy.exe")
  • From the IronPython command line, run the following command:
import EmguInit
from EmguInit import *