Working with Matrices

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Depth as Generic Parameter

A Matrix is defined by its generic parameters depth. To create a 32bit floating point matrix, in Emgu CV it is done by calling

Matrix<Single> matrix = new Matrix<Single>(width, height);

Matrix Depth

The types of depth supported in Emgu CV include

  • Byte
  • SByte
  • Single (float)
  • Double
  • UInt16
  • Int16
  • Int32 (int)

XML Serialization

Conversion to XML

You can use the following code to convert an Matrix<double> matrix to XmlDocument:

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
(new XmlSerializer(typeof(Matrix<double>))).Serialize(new StringWriter(sb), o);
XmlDocument xDoc = new XmlDocument();

Conversion from XML

You can use the following code to convert a XmlDocument xDoc to Matrix<double>

Matrix<double> matrix = (Matrix<double>) 
(new XmlSerializer(typeof(Matrix<double>))).Deserialize(new XmlNodeReader(xDoc));